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Mission Statement

Students will graduate prepared and motivated to succeed in their choice of career and higher education and to contribute to the common good. ×

About Us

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The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District


The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District is the fundraising arm of the District.  Charged as a 501(c)3 with providing a sustainable stream of private-sector funds to schools within the six cities* served by the District, the Foundation is tasked with helping to close gaps in public and state funding in increasingly tough economic times for public schools.  

Originally established in 2008 as The Pinnacle Fund, the Foundation in its early years had a focus on "putting arts and technology in the classroom."  It operated independently from the District, and was run by a 100% volunteer staff.  

In 2013, The Pinnacle Fund was retooled and reinvigorated as the District-supported Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District, with key Executive Director and administrative-staff positions established.  Today it operates as an arm of the District, with District representation on The Foundation’s Board of Directors.

*Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, and Thousand Palms.

Strategic Initiative 

The establishment of The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District represents a strategic initiative on the part of the district to fund additional teaching efforts, ensure high-quality education, and support funding of curriculum-enhancing activities in the areas of health and wellness, science, math, technology, and the arts.

The Foundation’s original mandate of distributing classroom micro-grants to teachers -- still a key component of its work -- has been expanded to include donor-naming opportunities; commercial and business underwriting of specialized curriculum academies; formal appeals to venture philanthropists; major donors; aggressive grant-seeking; and the formulation of local and national sponsorship opportunities.

Importantly, The Foundation is more than a grant-making organization.  It aims to improve lives and strengthen our community through furthering public education.  The Foundation believes every student in the Palm Springs Unified School District deserves the opportunity to be prepared and to succeed in either postsecondary education or in a career after high school.  Our task is bridging gaps, and providing the resources to improve student academic preparedness across the education continuum.  Our values:  integrity, collaboration, innovation, impact, learning, inclusion, and fun.



If you would like to support, volunteer or partner with the Palms Springs Unified School District please contact
The Foundation at 760.416.8455
Engaging communities.  Making learning relevant.  Optimizing student success.