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Students will graduate prepared and motivated to succeed in their choice of career and higher education and to contribute to the common good. ×

Classroom Grants

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Classroom Grants



What are Classroom Grants?

The Foundation’s Classroom Grant Program is an annual initiative through which district teachers and administrators apply for individual grants or larger collaborative grants in the arts, technology, and other areas.  It is the Foundation’s way of creating an effective grassroots incentive to encourage teachers to reach for excellence.  

These grants are all about giving students the skills they need to get 21st-century jobs and the analytic and creative capacity required to succeed in classrooms and life beyond graduation – as well as the incentive to keep them in school.

See first hand how your support transforms learning, please watch the video submitted by Dr. Pamela Cole, Teacher at Nellie Coffman Middel School.

Click here to see the video



Applications cover teacher/classroom mini-grants of  up to $500.00 each; school-site grants of up to $1,000.00 each; and classroom collaborative grants of up to $2,500.00 each.  Examples of past projects that have been awarded Classroom Grants include:

•    Funding for development of a literary magazine at Desert Hot Springs High School. 
•    Funding for a robotics program at Katherine Finchy Elementary that will allow students to build and program real-life robotics solutions.
•    Funding for a replacement theatrical scrim for the Palm Springs High School that will benefit the school’s large productions, concerts, and seminars.
•    Funding for Texas Instruments calculators and personal C players for use in social studies and math classes for special education students.
•    Funding to purchase an “Elmo” compact visual presenter, which enlarges artwork from art books, and aids  guided drawing-instruction for students struggling with picture-making and hand-eye coordination.
•    Funding to assist special education students in developing their own documentary film about the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.  
•    Funding for a symphony-band artist-in-residence program at Cathedral City High School.
•    Funding for purchase of a clay-extruder for use in ceramics class, allowing art students to learn to create functional pottery.
•    Funding for Barnes & Noble “nook” e-reading tablets to instill a passion for reading among first-graders.


Streamlined applications for Classroom Grants are available for download by clicking here.  With questions regarding completion or submission of applications, please feel free to contact The Foundation for the Palm Springs Unified School District office at (760) 416-8455.

If you would like to support, volunteer or partner with the Palms Springs Unified School District please contact

The Foundation at 760.416.8455
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